Woman writing a letter with her maid vermeer dealer

The work shows a middle-class woman attended by a housemaid who is presumably acting as messenger and go-between for the lady and her lover. In addition, it is his third work in which the drama and dynamic is not centered on a single figure. The maid is shown standing in the mid-ground, behind her lady, with her hands crossed and waiting for the letter to be completed.

Woman writing a letter with her maid vermeer dealer

The only blog to do what it says on the Tin, reveal the truth about art crime investigation. But the colorful crooks aren't just in it for the money It was just past six on the cold morning of Sept. At least three men wearing balaclavas and hooded sweatshirts affixed a plank to the back of the vehicle to turn it into a makeshift battering ram, then ran it in reverse up some steps and into one of the great windows of the year-old house, shattering the glass and the shutters behind.

Eleven paintings were hanging on the walls of the saloon inside, but the gang settled for five, including two by Rubens — Portrait of a Dominican Monk and Venus Supplicating Jupiter. Caught on video-surveillance cameras, the job was done in just 50 seconds, and the thieves made their getaway at speed, driving across three fields before hitting the open road.

There was no need to hurry. Russborough House's sole security guard was in another wing of the house — and anyway, he is in his seventies and would never have been a match for the thieves.

The nearest police station, 4 km away in Blessington, is closed at night. And the district patrol car on duty was based in Baltinglass, 26 km away. By the time the police arrived the gang was long gone.

As if all of that wasn't embarrassing enough, this was the fourth time in 28 years that Ireland's best-known private art collection had been robbed.

Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid by VERMEER, Johannes

It belongs to the Beit family, which inherited paintings — along with other objets d'art, antique furnishings and books — from Otto Beit, co-founder of the De Beers diamond-mining company.

Deirdre Rowsome, administrator of Russborough House, claims the building has "a very sophisticated, up-to-date security system, but the house is in a rural area and it is open to the public. If a gang is really determined to rob the house, it is very difficult to deal with them. What's especially intriguing about the last two heists is that the thieves never intended to fence the artworks for money.

The paintings were meant to serve as bargaining chips; senior police sources say that the gang hoped to trade them for lesser charges when caught on other criminal operations.

The thieves were following a tradition going back to the very first heist at Russborough House, in That caper, pulled off by a Provisional i.

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The Dugdale gang took 19 paintings, including a Goya, a Vermeer and a Gainsborough. But their caper quickly came unstuck. Five paintings were found two weeks later in a wardrobe in a house in County Cork which Dugdale had rented. The rest were found rolled up in the boot of a Morris Minor which she had borrowed from her landlord.

Dugdale, who was sentenced to 11 years in jail, now works in Dublin with a support group for former prisoners. She refuses to discuss the robbery, which made her a household name in Ireland. If Rose Dugdale seemed a character out of a B-movie, the next gangster to target Russborough House actually inspired two feature films about his life and crimes.

Dublin crime boss Martin Cahill — a. Two years earlier, Brendan Gleeson played the title role in The General. The real-life Cahill was Ireland's most colorful crook.

Fat and balding, he had a passion for pigeons, Harley-Davidson motorbikes and two Dublin sisters by whom he fathered nine children. Cahill's gang arrived in Russborough House one night in May ; they cut a small pane of glass out of a French window, and entered the house to set off the alarm.

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An hour later the thieves went back inside and took 18 paintings from the walls. Like Dugdale's, Cahill's Russborough House caper may have had more than a commercial motive. Retired detective Gerry O'Carroll, who was in the police unit that carried out surveillance on the General, believes Cahill wanted to embarrass the Irish government.

Carrying out a 'spectacular' was his revenge.Johannes Vermeer (–) Files: Vermeer, Johannes - Woman reading a letter - ca.

woman writing a letter with her maid vermeer dealer

jpg and Woman in Blue - Jan Vermeer van tranceformingnlp.com circa – oil on canvas Lady writing a letter with her maid. File: tranceformingnlp.com circa – oil on canvas. Jul 08,  · By it was documented as a Vermeer in the collection of Sir Alfred Beit, a collector in Ireland, who also owned the artist's famous ''Lady Writing a Letter to Her Maid.''.

This painting is one of the most ingenious compositions of Vermeer’s late career. While a maidservant stares out of a window, her mistress writes a letter. In the foreground on the floor, lie a red seal, a stick of sealing wax and an object which is probably a letter-writing manual, often used for personal correspondence at the time.

woman writing a letter with her maid vermeer dealer

Johannes Vermeer was baptized in the Reformed Church on 31 October [12] [13] [Note 1] His father Reijnier Janszoon was a middle-class worker of silk or caffa (a mixture of silk and cotton or wool). Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid is a painting by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer, completed in – and held in the National Gallery of Ireland.

The work shows a middle-class woman attended by a housemaid who is presumably acting as messenger and go-between for the lady and her lover. Vermeer Thefts: - Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid On 27 April, , along with a Goya, two Gainsboroughs, three Rubens and twelve more paintings, Vermeers' late Lady Writing with her Maid was stolen from the Russborough House, near Dublin, the home of Sir Alfred Beit, by armed members of the Irish Republican Army.


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