Why do audits fail evidence from

I must tell you that the views I express today are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board, any other Board member, or the staff of the PCAOB. This is a special year in many respects. We have our own concerns at home.

Why do audits fail evidence from

But sometimes we look at how other states do it, either to see how it's done right, or how it's done wrong.

Four new bills from the House to tear down the PLCB's Wall. What will happen to them?

A limited brewery license is a relatively new thing, an adjustment to the NJ Booze Code that was just passed in the Garden State in I'll save you the trouble of looking at it: On-premise sales must be "in connection with a tour of the brewery" which has been interpreted to be as simple as signs on the brewing equipment or a three-minute instructional video.

And "The holder of this license shall not sell food or operate a restaurant on the licensed premises.

Why do audits fail evidence from

They are allowed to host up to 52 "private events," but only in a walled-off area. These "rulings" make things a lot less fun, but then Rible just got stupid.

David Rible got stupid. The food thing got crazy. No food trucks are allowed, which Why can't a food truck park in the lot? Then this one is just a killer: Then there's this one, which is just weird: The whole thing was suspended, and now the Legislature is going to revisit the limited license.

And some brewers are pleased with this! Be careful what you wish for This is exactly the kind of crazed arbitrary rulings the PLCB loves to make, regardless of consequences. Rible is not a judge, he's not a legislator, he's certainly not the governor. But he took a law, and simply rewrote it.

Did I say that out loud?

Why do audits fail evidence from

Yeah, it sure looks like he did this to please tavern owners, who felt they were being gored by this limited brewery license. After all, because New Jersey has the same stupid limits on licenses that Pennsylvania does -- only worse!

And that doesn't seem fair. But it's not the brewers' fault, and they shouldn't be punished for simply following the law. There wasn't any news of breweries selling food, and every New Jersey brewery I've ever been to a lot of themhas offered some kind of "tour".

No, the real problem here is that the licensing system is broken, and no one who currently has a license wants it fixed.

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I'll spell it out for you. The arbitrary decision by the PLCB to allow grocery stores to sell beer because they have purchased a restaurant license and maintain a "cafe" area separated from the rest of the store is a bad idea, and it is only making the broken licensing system worse. And in the future, if the Legislature wants to fix that by creating a new, reasonably-fee'd store license, guess who's going to be spending a lot of money to convince them that's a bad idea?

The grocery chains who spent millions buying restaurant licenses, that's who.Start Schools from Scratch. Ask those who know how to run high-performing, high-poverty schools why they start fresh, and they’ll give strikingly similar answers—and make the case against turnarounds.

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