White house research paper

It is located at Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.

White house research paper

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The milestone year waswhen home ownership was attained by the majority of the population with a rate of The White Paper makes reference to landlords distrusting the Government regulation of the rental market, as previous methods were characterised by the granting of excessive protection to tenants.

The White Paper quotes the following circumstances as shortcomings following research that had been carried out: The White Paper continually makes reference to the interests of various categories of both tenant and landlords, and how their respective interests can be better mutually aligned.

Landlords are seen to be different from the customary financial investor as they seek responsible users of their immovable property as a safeguard of their asset. It is clear that, in most cases, landlords are not exclusively after the maximisation of their profits, but also after reliable tenants who pay rent punctually and utilise the rented premises appropriately.

The White Paper proposes the following lines of action: The proposed measures are targeted at properties used for primary residential purposes, and will exclude leases negotiated for prior to and luxury properties.Below are a list of new research and reflections on Hurricane Katrina one year later.

Retrospective Reports Hurricanes and the U.S.

White house research paper

Gulf Coast: Science and Sustainable Rebuilding This AGU white paper discusses what Earth and space scientists know about the present and projected environment in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast areas affected by the. The President's tranceformingnlp.com Jane E.

Fountain, Distinguished University Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at UMass Amherst, recently joined fellow experts in science and technology policy to address this question in a White Paper for the White House team on Social and Behavioral Science.

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The best academic repository of essays and research papers on the internet. Menu. Home; Summary of “The Keys to the White House: Forecast for ” Keys of Lichtman’s presidential prediction model, the popular vote will place the Democrat Party’s nominee in the White House.

White house research paper

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