The miracle of food by dr b

Reduces Inflammation The anti-inflammatory activity of bee pollen has been compared to drugs, such as naproxenanalgin, phenylbutazone and indomethacin. The results indicate the bulk mildly suppressed the paw edema while the water extract showed almost no inhibitory activity. The ethanol extract showed potent anti-inflammatory activity, and researchers suggest that it can used as a dietary supplement and as a functional food. Acts as an Antioxidant Recent studies have revealed that enzymatic hydrolysates from bee pollen are beneficial for patients undergoing various diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension.

The miracle of food by dr b

Come visit us Door 2, 2nd Floor Tionko Bldg. Yoshihide Hagiwara A research pharmacologist from Japan, Dr. D believes that the key to the nutritive value of this supplement is not just the nutrient content of the concentrated extract, but its biochemical form which promotes more effective assimilation.

What really sets this powdered barley juice apart from other food supplements, he says, are the thousands of live enzymes. The anti-aging enzyme superoxide dismutase SOD is one of these. SOD aids in digestion and metabolism by helping to disperse vitamins and minerals into the blood stream to be absorbed by the body.

Richard Cutler, a biophysicist at the National Institute of Aging has shown that the life span of many mammalian species, including man were found to be directly proportional to the amount or SOD contained in the cells.

The animals with the longest life spans and man were found to have the highest levels of SOD. SOD acts as a cellular anti-oxidant, protecting against radiation and chemical free-radicals from pollution, as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory agent and preventing cellular damage following heart attacks.

Hagiwara and Biologist Dr. Jasuo Hotta, a specialist of gene engineering at the University of California at La,Jolla, found that when powdered green barley juice was added to damaged cells, the DNA within the cells repaired itself twice as quickly as DNA in cells receiving none.

Blog Archive In a national research project supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea, the team has developed HemoHIM, a novel herbal composition for enhancing the immune system. Immune deficiencies are often associated with a decrease immune cells, declining cell activity and oxidative stress.
Coconut Research Center On many islands coconut is a staple in the diet and provides the majority of the food eaten. Among these cultures the coconut has a long and respected history.
257 thoughts on “With All Due Respect to Dr. Oz: Raspberry Ketone is not a Fat-Burning Miracle.” Share via Email Broccoli is a good natural source of antioxidants.
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Current theories are that both cancer and aging result when genes fail to repair themselves. Moreover, when the green barley juice supplement was added to cells before they were subjected to radiation and a carcinogen, Hotta says the repair rate was easily three times as fast as normal.

Hagiwara claims, the findings may eventually help to prevent cancer, aging, or both. Experiments showing the ability of green barley juice to repair damaged cells, neutralize the effects of carcinogens and radiation, and retard the aging process have all been done on laboratory cell cultures and animals.

While many people report improvement in a wide variety of physical problems, no controlled tests have been done on humans. The improvements noticed are the effects o[ detoxifying the body and providing the proper nutritional elements in a form readily absorbed by the body. Recently, research has unveiled a wealth of other possible benefits of green barley leaves.

Extracted compounds have found to have hypercholesteromic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ulcer properties.

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A new antioxidant, 2"GIV, has been isolated and reported to have antioxidant activity equal to or superior to vitamin E. Finally, studies have shown that when green barley juice is added to injured cells, the cells' DNA repairs itself rapidly.

This may contribute to preventing the changes that often lead to cancer, rapid aging, and cell death.Average Reading Time: 6 minutes. Understanding the lymphatic system provides insights into the body’s profound ability to care for itself.

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The miracle of food by dr b

Mr. Dubin lives in Northern New Jersey/5(7). Sep 18,  · Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara A research pharmacologist from Japan, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D believes that the key to the nutritive value of this supplement is not just the nutrient content of the concentrated extract, but its biochemical form which promotes more effective assimilation.

Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on Feb 07,  · I will start with a brief introduction on HemoHIM+, a South Korean Health Food Supplement developed by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) in collaboration with Kolmar Company and manufactured under license by SunBioTech Industries.

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