The internet effect how has it

Moral Corruption The early years of the 21st century have witnessed an explosion in the Internet usage.

The internet effect how has it

Ways The Internet Has Affected The American Society Introduction Human life and the internet are inseparable; humans live in a society that has cylindrical co-dependence on the internet. We depend on the internet; use it daily in our lives. Our demand and needs for the internet keep on growing.

We use the internet to communicate, do business, learn and live a good life. However, poor use of the internet has caused man a lot of concerns. It can lead to serious problems in human life as well as the society.

The internet effect how has it

Here is how the internet has affected the American society: Indeed, the internet technology has made it possible for people to pass and receive information over wireless media. We have seen Web communication facilities working wonders in speeding communication over long distances.

However, the internet technology has deprived humankind the warmth of personal contact. Handwritten letters have been replaced by emails making the communication lose its personal touch.

Since the means of communication is so easy to access, the excitement that followed and the magic in waiting to reach the recipient have disappeared.

We Can Read The News Everywhere The way we get our news has completely changed significantly with the rise of internet technology.

For instance init was reported by the Pew Research Center that fifty percent of the American citizens received their news from an internet source. And in the yearAmerican Press Institute found out that nearly seventy percent get their news from a computer or a laptop, more than fifty percent receive their news from cell phones and just less than thirty percent receive their news from a tablet- all these are digital platforms.

People no longer get news on paper. At root, the social-networking entrepreneurs are very busy selling spaces in which people are able to construct their lives freely and automatically. Sites that try to block free communication are getting abandoned by users in favor of less restricted and friendly user sites.

The new thing is online classes, having shot in attendance by ninety-six percent over the last f 5 years; this is according to Campus Technology. But more than this a recent study conducted by SRI International for Department of education found out that students in online classes tend to perform much better compared to their counterparts in physical classrooms.

With the current new movement to keep everything on the cloud, who knows if a single hacker would be in a position to take down all the whole chunk of the internet.

Likewise, Bill Gates wonders that as more people continue to store personal data on the internet, how we are going to make sure that this data is kept secret?

As the American economy continues to become more dependent on bits rather than atoms, how are we going to safeguard these resources from being devalued or damaged by hackers out there? As the barriers to data continue to come down, how are we going to protect from predatory and negative influences?

And, as the internet technology dissolves national boundaries, how are we going to help traditional cultures co-exist with the increasingly homogenous global culture?Here is how the internet has affected the American society: This may have an outlasting effect on the growth and progression of the society.

The discovery reported that internet technology has reduced human wait, getting rid of the need for patience. At times, however, the results may range from embarrassing to devastating.

Various researchers have undertaken efforts to examine the psychological effects of Internet use. Some research employs studying brain functions in Internet users.

Some studies assert that these changes are harmful, while others argue that asserted changes are beneficial. However, the Internet has certain advantages over television and, most importantly, it provides instant access to specific information.

It is interactive, whereas television is not. Avid proponents of the Internet claim it could feasibly replace print media. Psychological effects of Internet use.

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Various researchers have undertaken efforts to examine the psychological effects of Internet use.

Some research employs studying One of the main effects social media has had on children is the effect of cyber bullying. Sep 08,  · He has published 25 books, including the trilogy The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture (Blackwell, –), The Internet Galaxy (Oxford University Press, ), Communication Power (Oxford University Press, ), and Author: Manuel Castells.

Jun 30,  · The internet has had a transformative effect on modern business, and that effect continues to evolve as technology changes.

Companies should anticipate where to invest resources to best suit revenue needs.

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