The impact of the changing political

An Encyclopedia Introduction The American federal system gives state and local governments the ability to experiment with different types of political institutions, electoral mechanisms and innovative public policies. The political cultures of these governments help define the legitimate activities of governments, how they should operate and who should participate. The study of political culture has been widely used, but it is not without critics who argue that other factors have more influence on policies at the state and local level, and that culture is too difficult to define. Federalism and Political Culture The United States has a federal system of government that divides powers between the national and state governments.

The impact of the changing political

Let's remember how the WEDC came about and that its mission and bottom line were always more about Walker's political future - - at least that was the plan - - rather than expert-driven business lending, which proved to be, shall we say, problematic. Walker spent much of his run for Governor and post-election prance quintupling down on hisnew jobs pledge.

It was big and bold. It was a floor not a ceiling. It would be the bright trail on the Wisconsin business rocket ship. It was going to be tattooed on the foreheads of his incoming cabinet. Sometimes he even threw in that he'd create 10, new businesses - - and even more!!

So Walker got the legislature to create the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, throwing away the Wisconsin Department of Commerce while recasting the Department of Natural Resources as a "chamber of commerce mentality" one-stop shop for rubber-stamped permits and make-believe pollution enforcement - - all to awe and serve Wisconsin CEO's with a private-sector-rich WEDC board that had none less than Walker himself as WEDC chairman.

Because he knew he was going to run for President, and wouldn't this grand plan bearing fruit look great - - perhaps Reaganesque - - in ads and talking-point laden campaign appearances before the tycoons who would fund it!

But the truth was that Walker had no experience in either private sector managing or using government to stimulate the economy. As Milwaukee County executive, he sat on valuable county-owned real estate downtown ripe for development.

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He tried to turn over the office that managed it to his long-time gofer Tim Russell who eventually went to prison for stealing money from a veterans fund Walker moved into the County Executive's office so he could control it.

Even though County ethics officials had urged the office be transferred to avoid any conflicts of interest. And during a debate with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the election, Walker could not name a single job he had created in low-income Milwaukee.

I wrote it up at the time: Twice, Barrett asked Walker to name a single job he'd created in the central city of Milwaukee, and twice Walker had no response. Because Walker never had any real interest in jobs - - if he had, then why post a no-content phony economic development plan made to look really substantive with really big type.

And why turn down Wisconsin's development-spurring Amtrak funding and budding rail industry and other stimulus money.

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Because he had interest in and plans for only one job. And how to use one position as the springboard to another, and another. There were repetitive CEO and vice-chair departuresand chief financial officer resignationsand searing audits - - one, here - - and so many scandals over loans - - links, here - - that shouldn't have been made or that went had or that had been goosed along for political reasons that the Legislature stopped for one budget cycle WEDC's ability to make new loans, and also booted Walker off the board.

Then his presidential campaign crashed and burned. But thenew jobs pledge still hung out there, unmet. So along came the Foxconn opportunity, and Walker ran after it with our money to save, in one fell swoop, his reputation, governship and the jobs' promise, too.

Pleasant, is planning "deep cuts " across its business. Pleasant home and farm sites, along with state's lending opportunities for the next 28 years.

You know what they say, 'Con me once, shame on you.Jun 26,  · Technology is changing the face of American politics, say many experts, and at least one Web pioneer calls it the biggest change since the American Revolution. “The Personalization of Politics: Political Identity, Social Media, and Changing Patterns of Participation” The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Abstract: “Social fragmentation and the decline of group loyalties have given rise to an era of personalized politics in which individually expressive.

political power from one political party to another takes place in this country. The present democratic elected government is responsible to its people and has to face more restraints in decision making than the military run government.

Placing the rise of the World-Wide Web in its historical context, assess the extent to which the Internet has been a force for positive social or political change.

The impact of the changing political

7 days ago · The political impact of changing U.S. demographics can already be seen in the high turnout of young Americans in the midterm elections, Frey tells Axios — an estimated 31% of people 18 to 29 voted, the highest since A Policy Practice Summit, Maximizing Social Work’s Impact in a Changing Political Landscape, hosted by the NASW Social Work Policy Institute (SWIPI) and sponsored by the Coalition for Policy Education and Practice, took place at NASW national headquarters in April The goals of the summit were to strengthen attention to the role of social workers as policy practitioners, to highlight.

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