The growth of literature during the victorian age

The movement roughly comprises the years from tothough there is ample disagreement regarding even this simple point. The name given to the period is borrowed from the royal matriarch of England, Queen Victoria, who sat on throne from to One has difficulty determining with any accuracy where the Romantic Movement of the early nineteenth century leaves off and the Victorian Period begins because these traditions have so many aspects in common.

The growth of literature during the victorian age

These new notions of government and science signaled a turn from the idealism of the Romantics to a more empirical worldview. The Victorian era also marks a time of great economic growth, technological discovery, and industrialization.

Many writers reacted to both the wonders of this Industrial Revolution as well as to the troubles of an industrialized society.

The growth of literature during the victorian age

Also during the Victorian Era, the influence of literature became more prevalent in society as reading evolved into a social pastime indicated by the increasing literacy rate. Because of the new practices, compulsory education and technological advances in printing resulting in widely available reading materials, standard literacy was more or less universal by the end of the century Greenblatt Victorian Literature As reading became less of a privilege of the wealthy and more of a pastime of the common British citizen, publications such as periodicals flourished.

These magazines provided monthly installments of news articles, satiric essays, poetry and fiction. These serial publications enabled many authors to easily share their work with the public and helped launch the careers of prominent Victorian writers such as Dickens, Eliot, Tennyson, and the Brownings Norton.

Because literature was an accessible and pervasive part of Victorian society, studying it is crucial in understanding the attitudes and concerns of the people who lived during this era.

Much of the writing during this time was a reaction to the rapidly changing notions of science, morality, and society. Victorian writers also reacted to the writings of previous generations. Landow argues that the birth of the dramatic monologue and autobiographical fiction were used to bring personal experiences to literature without the author seeming self-obsessed.

It continued to develop and eventually became the prominent medium for written expression. In the framework of the novel, realism emerged as a notable literary characteristic of the period and showcased this combination of Romantic subjectivity and Augustan objectivity.

This movement illustrates the return to Augustan objectivity through the use of empiricism and observation of the surrounding world.

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Landow Yet, the influence of the Romantic movement on Victorian writers is seen though the style in which they present these observations. Victorian Poetry While the novel was the dominant form of literature during the Victorian era, poets continued to experiment with style and methods of story-telling in their poems.

From the SparkNotes Blog Victorian Era Economy Victorian Era Economy The Victorian period lasted a long time, during which the UK went from being a largely rural, lightly industrialized country to a heavily industrialized urban nation. Victorian England economic conditions Let us begin by looking at the economic conditions during Victorian England from the beginning.
Who can edit: It developed from diverse traditions, ideologies and backgrounds, but intense dislike of the social effects of the Industrial Revolution underlie the various strands of Victorian socialism, which was essentially a middle-class, home-made project with little foreign influence. However, the roots of British socialism can also be sought in more remote times.

Examples of this experimentation include long narrative poems epic poems and the dramatic monologue as seen primarily in the writing of Robert Browning. Two other minor movements, the Pre-Raphaelites and the Aestheticism and Decadence movementdeveloped in relation to one another during the Victorian era.

The first developed when the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood wanted to create art for the modern age by practicing techniques of precision and simplicity in their written work.

The growth of literature during the victorian age

The movement of Aestheticism and Decadence began as a reaction to the Pre-Raphaelites. The members of this second movement believe, unlike the Pre-Raphaelites, that literature and poetry should be more reflective.

This movement influenced poets such as Yeats and Hopkins.Feb 17,  · The Rise of the Victorian Middle Class. Despite the expansion of the economy and the growth of towns and cities, reputation and personal contact remained significant factors in business. The Victorian era marked the golden age of the British circus.

Astley's Amphitheatre in Lambeth, During the Victorian era, science grew into the discipline it is today. A Companion for the Modern Reader of Victorian Literature. () . The Victorian Age, During the Victorian Age, England changed as much and as dramatically as it had in all of its previous history.

Victorian Literature. obsession with the natural world and the imagination that so clearly distinguished the Romantic poets was supplanted during the Victorian Period by a clear-headed, almost utilitarian kind of poetics. The Age of Milton ; From the Restoration to the Death of Pope ;. Victorian literature is literature, mainly written in English, during the reign of Queen Victoria (–) (the Victorian era).It was preceded by Romanticism and followed by the Edwardian era (–).. While in the preceding Romantic period, poetry had been the dominant genre, it was the novel that was most important in the Victorian period. Victorian literature is literature written in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, or roughly from It is largely characterized by the struggle of working people and the triumph.

It was in the nineteenth century that England reached its height as a world imperial power. Victorian Literature Defining Victorian literature in any satisfactory and comprehensive manner has proven troublesome for critics ever since the nineteenth century came to a close.

The movement roughly comprises the years from to , though there is ample . The Victorian era was a time of unprecedented population growth in Britain. The population rose from million in to million in Two major contributary factors were .

Victorian literature is literature written in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, or roughly from Introduction to Victorian Literature: A huge growth .

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