The carrot seed writing activities

After the story, move onto activities that will enhance your preschool lesson on carrots that are included in this article.

The carrot seed writing activities

We have yet to have much success I think our climate is really too hot sometimes! Children have the best time with hands-on learning when using sensory bins! Each carrot has a letter of the alphabet on it. To set up the carrot garden sensory bin, find a plastic bin to use for this activity.

In my preschool classroom, I use 2 sizes of bins and trays depending on how many of my preschoolers I would like to play at one time. For this activity, I set it up to be played individually, so the plastic bin I used was small enough for one child to play in.

Add dried split peas to the plastic container. Print the alphabet carrots from the link below on white cardstock paper. Laminate the set of alphabet carrots for added durability, especially if you have multiple children playing at once.

Cut the carrots apart, and add them to the garden of split peas. Different Ways to Play There is nothing better than playing in a sensory bin!

My preschoolers in my classroom love dry sensory bins filled with rice, beans, and split peas. There is something so soothing about running your hands through the filler. The object of adding the carrots to the sensory bin is to encourage alphabet knowledge through exposure to the uppercase letters during play.

Adding a fine motor aspect to this carrot alphabet garden sensory bin is easy to do! You can add tongs, tweezers, chopsticks, or clothespins to pull the carrots out of the garden.

To do this, you may need to print multiple sets of alphabet carrots.

the carrot seed writing activities

This will help your child practice naming the letters and build confidence each time another letter that she has seen before is pulled! My preschooler has started to read, and is ready to spell simple words with the sounds she hears.

To add a little challenge to the sensory bin, I used simple CVC words to make a game for her. I would put the first and last letter in a CVC words on the table.

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In the photo below, the words H-A-T is shown. I had put the H and the T on the table and she had to fill in the correct vowel to make a real word. She searched through the carrots in the garden with her clothespin until she came across the A.

We played this over and over! She was a huge fan of searching and coming up with the vowel in the word on her own. Grab your Copy Ready to make an alphabet sensory bin of your own?

Download the printable alphabet carrots HERE and enjoy some inside gardening — and learning!Farm Activities Reading Activities Sight Word Activities Easter Activities The Carrot Seed Activities Name Writing Activities Preschool Ideas Teaching Ideas Kinder Abc Forward Dig for word carrots with this gardening sensory tub sight words activity!

This Carrot Seed Lesson Plan Lesson Plan is suitable for Kindergarten - 3rd Grade. Students create a seed museum. In this early childhood lesson plan, students identify various seeds and the plants the seeds will grow into. The Carrot Seed is an easy way to introduce seeds as a unit of study.

Students love to collect seeds and compare them in their museum. Students love to collect seeds and compare them in their museum. The extension activities for the book introduce students to simple machines with fun . May 11,  · A work in progress. Our new interactive writing.

Working on fluency. The Carrot Seed Activities For this month’s Virtual Book Club we’re reading The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. There are so many creative ways to explore this book.

The Carrot Seed S.

the carrot seed writing activities

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Our Country Road: Montessori Inspired Activities for The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss