Summary of napoleon

Table of Contents Brief Overview Inafter the French Revolution had quieted into the Thermidorean Reaction, a brilliant general named Napoleon Bonaparte overthrew the Directory and came into power as leader of the Consulate, beginning in

Summary of napoleon

Think and Grow Rich Summary Think and Grow Rich Summary of napoleon one of the books I have seen most often on the recommended reading list of people in the present day who have achieved great things.

The book was written at the commission of Andrew Carnegie and based on interviews of of those who history now remembers as the greatest men of the early 20th century, including Henry Ford, J. First published init has now sold more than 70 million copies, giving it the distinction of being the all-time bestseller in the personal success category.

The Starting Point of All Achievement It may be stating the obvious, but growing rich starts with the desire to do so. The desire discussed here is not simply wishing, but is an intense, burning obsession, which must be coupled with both a plan and persistence in sticking to the plan.

The author presents a six-part method to ensure that this is the type of desire you are starting with: Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire.

Determine exactly what you intend to give for this money. Establish a definite date by which you intend to acquire this money.

Create a definite plan to acquire the money, and take the first step immediately. Put the four items above into a clear, concise sentence describing each part.

Read the statement aloud twice daily, in the morning and at night.

Short biography of Napoleon Bonaparte - Napoleon & Empire

This is the beginning of the key principle of the book: Visualization of, and Belief In Attainment of Desire Of course, the subconscious mind must believe that something is possible in order to act on it.

In other words, someone who lets himself believe negative things has communicated to his subconscious to act upon those negative beliefs and translate them into reality. Someone who neglects this practice, and allows his subconscious to go where it will, risks being set up for failure by the operation of the subconscious that will continue regardless.

It has been well established that consciously choosing to exhibit confident body language when you are in fact not feeling confident will actually make you confident.

Various experiments have shown the natural mechanics of this process, with the release or inhibition of certain neurochemicals testosterone, cortisol, etc. The point, however, is that a conscious choice influences your subconscious, which in turn directly and immediately causes a change in outcomes in the external world.

Simply put, autosuggestion is the practice of communicating to yourself using your conscious mind for the purpose of convincing your subconscious. He presents repetitive visualization as the best method of accomplishing this mixture — actually picturing the appearance of a specific amount of money, consistently over time.

Biography for Kids: Napoleon Bonaparte

The author recommends that twice a day, morning and night, you close your eyes, say out loud the amount of money you intend to obtain, when you intend to obtain it, and how in general terms you intend to obtain it. In addition, he contends you must write this statement down, place it where you will see it in the morning and at night, and commit it to memory.

This is the core of the book: The ensuing chapters consist of various tools for successfully applying this practice.

Personal Experiences or Observations In this chapter, the author finally makes a down-to-earth assertion — that general knowledge itself is useless in accumulating wealth. You must have specific knowledge and skills how to fix a leaky faucet, diagnose a disease, build a financial model, etc.

While this is a commonly misunderstood principle, it should be evident to anyone that general education does not correlate with wealth; instead, specific knowledge applied to specific tasks is what actually leads to money. This is one of the central themes of one of the other classic books about wealth, Rich Dad Poor Dad: However you gain access to specialized knowledge, the application of imagination to that knowledge is what leads to the ideas that in turn lead to wealth.

The Workshop of the Mind Mr. Hill separates imagination into two conceptual types: See Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel for the opposing viewpoint on the importance of the two types.

Transforming desire into money requires specific plans, which come most often through synthetic imagination. You must add imagination to specialized knowledge to grow rich.

Summary of napoleon

To succeed, you must be sure to compensate these individuals in some manner, meet with them at least twice a week, and maintain harmony with each individual in the group.

Faultless plans are essential for the growing of riches, and only the abilities and imaginations of multiple individuals will allow the creation of plans that are perfect, or as near so as possible. This process of planning must be continuous and persistent, since failure will often come before success despite your best efforts.

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You must select individuals who are likewise persistent. In addition, you must develop the qualities of a leader if you expect to lead such individuals in any endeavor.Napoleon tells her he caught her a delicious bass and they play a game of tetherball, which Napoleon wins by cheating.

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Summary of napoleon

Napoleon is absent. Napoleon . Nov 09,  · Watch video · Napoleon’s Education and Early Military Career. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, , in Ajaccio, on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. In , Napoleon was planning an invasion of England when the Russian and Austrian armies began marching towards France.

Napoleon's forces defeated them at Austerlitz, but not before the British . Watch video · Napoleon Bonaparte, the first emperor of France, is regarded as one of the greatest military leaders in the history of the West. Learn more at Short biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, General, First Consul then Emperor of the French.

Napoleon was born on August 15th, in Ajaccio, Corsica, the younger son of Carlo Bonaparte, a lawyer of the Supreme Council of Corsica, and Letizia was baptized in the cathedral of the city on July 21st, , the year the Bonaparte family was given its noble status by the Board of Corsica.

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