Steck-vaughn critical thinking reading thinking and reasoning skills

With this Critical Thinking series you will introduce to your child and give them plenty of practice using the six most important thinking skills: Cathy Duffy states, "Yes, this is a critical thinking series, but it also happens to cover reading skills better than some books specifically designed for reading comprehension. After all, analytical reading is little more than an application of critical thinking.

Steck-vaughn critical thinking reading thinking and reasoning skills

Steck-vaughn critical thinking reading thinking and reasoning skills

Mix 4 cups of water with one fourth cup torn newspaper in a blender. Add torn tissue paper for color, if desired.

Strain off as much water as possible. Spray oil on the candy molds. Press the paper in the molds evenly. Use a sponge to remove excess water from the paper. Set some of the molds outside in direct sunlight, some in the shade, some inside in a windowsill, and some in a darker area inside.

Monitor the drying times of the paper in various places. Allow to dry, then remove the dried paper from the molds. After experiment, have students write up a lab report on what happened to the paper and what caused the paper to dry faster in some places than in others.

Students will choose their own books to help them construct their own knowledge of the way that weather works. They will learn various aspects of weather and share them with the class, thus learning from each other.

Students will also learn helpful notetaking skills. Students will be allowed to choose an informational book on weather from the resources list at the end of this thematic unit. If they have or find other books on weather, they may be used as well.

Children should choose books based on their interests and their own reading levels. During the course of their reading, students should take notes on important or interesting facts or myths that they come across. After the students are finished with their readings, they will take turns sharing some of their most important and interesting information with the rest of the class.

Evaluation may include whether or not the information that students shared was significant and relevant to the topic. Also, check to see that students chose an appropriate book for the topic and thier reading level. Sitemap

Multicultural Additional concept is Research Title: The Weather Here Is… Objective: Students will gain an insight into the variations in climate around the world and will learn what other people do to cope with extreme temperatures and weather patterns.

Each student should begin by picking a different country around the world, with all continents being represented. Students should have a large amount of time to do research on the country they chose using internet resource, World Book Information Finder, computer and library atlases, and any other available resources.

They should find out the typical climates of these regions and how the inhabitants deal with the weather. After the students have done sufficient research, they will assume that they are on vacation in the country that they chose.

After being gone so long, they miss mom and dad so much and decide to write to them and let them know what the weather is like. This letter should include descriptions of the current weather as well as how the climate varies over the different seasons.

They should discuss in depth how everyone there deals with the weather and give their own ideas as well for staying warm, cool, dry, or whatever. Evaluation after Multicultural Lesson Plan: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

A grandfather tells a story about a town where it rained food. My Favorite Time of Year. A young girl goes through a typical year and says how she likes each season the best, but in the end says that she likes them all the best.

Strong attention to detail in this description of a rainy summer day from the point of view of a young boy. A young girl is comforted by her mother in a thunderstorm and in turn comforts her dog.

Contains a good amount of information about weather. White Snow, Bright Snow. As it begins to look like snow is coming, everyone prepares for a winter blizzard, with a description of the transition of the seasons.Critical thinking: reading, thinking, and reasoning skills.

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