Polyethylene synthetic grass for soccer field essay

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Polyethylene synthetic grass for soccer field essay

Eager fans will not be given pieces of the artificial turf field. Federal panel increases child protection against lead. Deteriorating synthetic turf dust containing lead may pose a risk to children.

Town replaces fake grass fields, officials insist nothing is wrong with the lead levels! It may take a very small exposure to have toxic blood lead levels. A new video documentary.

Polyethylene synthetic grass for soccer field essay

All is not right with the synthetic playing fields. More turf fibers test for excessive lead ppm. City to remove turf from playground. Excessive lead in turf fibers from 5 Bosotn area venues September Rieke turf field off limits to U September Oregon issues lead guidelines for turf fields August Children age 3 and under are especially vulnerable because their ways of playing and exploring - such as crawling and putting objects in their mouths - increase their risk of contact with lead, and of lead entering their bodies through breathing or swallowing.

What are the common causes of lead exposure? Children can be exposed to lead through many sources, including artificial athletic fields. Don;t allow your child to eat on an artificial field, and keep drinking containers — when not in use — in a bag or covered container. After leaving the field, have your child remove his or her clothes and turn them inside out to avoid tracking contaminated dust from the play area.

Wash contaminated clothing, towels and blankets separately. Have your child bathe with soap and water after playing on the field.

Polyethylene synthetic grass for soccer field essay

Keep shoes worn on the field outside of your home. Ideally, remove all shoes when you enter the house and wear no shoes inside or use house slippers indoors. The Memorial Field is the home field for both lacrosse and field hockey at the University of New Hampshire.

It was completed in the summer of University officials learned that the artificial turf surface installed at the field in has degraded to a point where measurable lead levels have been detected in dust samples taken on the surface of the field.

That limit is 40 micrograms per square foot and applies to children under the age of seven.Of course, artificial grass meets the needs of more high-contact sports like football and soccer. The SportPro series features a heavy duty, weather-resistant design, making it .

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Artificial turf, usually constructed of polyethylene plastic grass and an in-fill base of "crumb rubber" from ground-up recycled tires (as many as 10, in a single field) have become increasingly popular in communities all across the country.

As more grass fields are converted to synthetic turf. Artificial Turf: Does it Increase the Risk of Sports Injuries?

An exploration of the effectiveness of cleats on artificial turf. Mark Drakos, MD Sports Medicine Fellow, Hospital for Special Surgery.

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