Importance of preserving historical monuments

Preservation Tips and Tools By: Julia Rocchi What is historic, and worth saving, varies with the beholder, but some definition is urgent. Old buildings have intrinsic value. Buildings of a certain era, namely pre-World War II, tend to be built with higher-quality materials such as rare hardwoods especially heart pine and wood from old-growth forests that no longer exist.

Importance of preserving historical monuments

The reality is far more tragic.

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That "something" varies from book to book--things like the body of Alexander of the Great, the first emperor of China's tomb, the Amber Room.

But one thing remains constant throughout my stories--the greatest repositories of lost treasures are our libraries. Firsthand, all across the country, I've witnessed the incredible treasures preserved within libraries in our schools, public buildings, historical societies, museums, and universities.

Inside the rare book room at the Library of Virginia was a book of psalms that arrived here on the Mayflower. In county libraries in rural America were the records of families who settled that land centuries ago, and in Smithsonian were the last remaining books of James Smithson, whose legacy was the founding of the institution itself.

All of these libraries serve to preserve our heritage. They are a record of who and what we are. Sadly, though, most times we lose these treasures not by fire, flood, or willful destruction but by simple neglect.

Most people believe that library was either sacked by invaders or destroyed by religious zealots. The greatest repository of knowledge in the ancient world most likely just rotted away, a victim of neglect and indifference, whose remnants were picked apart stone by stone, parchment by parchment.

So complete that, today, we don't even know where the building itself once stood. Imagine what we lost.

Importance of preserving historical monuments

And the threat of losing priceless artifacts remains in modern times. History comes alive when someone is able to not only read about the past, but is also able to visit the places, examine the artifacts, appreciate the images, and study the actual words. For most people, history starts with simply learning about their family or their community.

A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational, and economic legacies -- all of the things that quite literally make us who we are. History is not something obscure or unimportant.

History plays a vital role in our everyday lives. We learn from our past in order to achieve greater influence over our future.

History serves as a model not only of who and what we are to be, we learn what to champion and what to avoid. Everyday decision-making around the world is constantly based on what came before us.Preservation of old monuments plays an important cultural role in cultivating pride of our heritage and past making us unique in the world.

Cairo is known for the pyramids, and Paris is known for the Eiffel tower, while London is known for the Big Ben and etc.

Historical buildings bring character and charm to the neighborhood that people live in. Historical Monuments When thinking about architecture, many visual images come to mind.

The works of many are seen everywhere we go, from the average home to a New York skyscraper. Architectural monuments are great attractors of tourists. Everyone likes to experience the “spirit” of the place, which most often is represented through architecture.

Tourists can provide locals with jobs and extra income.

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Restoring locally important historical structures generates workplaces for both local people and international experts. Effects of Pollution on Historical Monuments.

For many historians the effect of pollution on historical sites is a daily battle. Acid rain and smog eat into marble causing small holes in the stone.

The Acropolis in Greece is one of main sites that is having this problem. This page contains lists of Monuments in India.. An Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, defines an "Ancient Monument" as follows.

Importance of preserving historical monuments

Ancient Monument means any structure, erection or monument, or any tumulus or place of interment, or any cave, rock-sculpture, inscription or monolith which is of historical, archaeological or artistic interest and which has been in existence for not less.

When memorializing an event or person by creating a monument a group or agency should consider the monument’s historical significance, make it extraordinary and authoritative, It is essential that the principles guiding the preservation and restoration of ancient buildings should be agreed and be laid down on an international basis, with.

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