Hrm definition by edwin b flippo

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Hrm definition by edwin b flippo

In the recruitment processa pool of eligible and interested candidates is created for selection of most suitable candidates. Is the job fit this person or is that person fit the organization? How about the employee performance and records?

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The answers of those questions should be found out within the job analysis. This period involved data collection and materials retrial, such as employee performance appraisal and records, and so on. Job holders records is a vital factor should be concerned as well.

Job holder could use interviews, structures questionnaires, diaries to record their activities and get information in order to gain validity job analysis. Considering the reports form colleagues is another approach within the job analysis.

So those three aspects underlay job analysis in the first stage of recruitment in organizations. Next stage is job description, person specification. Once the job analysis phase is finished and job description and person specification are identified, the next stage is to consider how to attract people who meet the requirement and to manage application.

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There are two methods to be chosen: Internal methods meaning that pay more attention to the internal talent pool within the organization when recruiting. This method provides opportunities for development and career progression increases employee engagement and retention and supports succession planning.

This methods bring several advantages to the organization. Firstly, using this method could economize time and cost of money and labor. In addition, the cost of advertisement and recruitment consultancy fees could be avoided as well, so that is why it saves time and cost.

Secondly, providing opportunity to existing employees could embrave then to obtain better performance and get more motivation when doing task.

It also has disadvantages by using this method. It is unfair to the applicants outside. Internal recruitment is therefore less common in the public sector, where concerns about discrimination tend to be a higher priority than in the private sector.

If an organization considers expanding the dimension of organization or the internal recruitment failed, the external method could be operated effectively.

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The external method means that recruit individuals from outside. The merit and demerit of external method is the contrary side of the merit and demerit of internal method. There are several options available for external recruitment.

There are a number of corporation uses formal personal contacts to attract individuals, such as career fairs, open days and leaflet drops. Notice board, accessible by current staff or the general public, to be used by recruitment; the advertisement, including local and national press, specialist publications, radio and TV and the Internet, published by organizations as well.

Recruitment Process Need for Recruitment Every Company in the world knows the important of recruitment step in increasing the performance of the company and increasing the productivity of the products. In this part of the project we will mention some important point about the importance of recruitment step in any organization: It helps organization by found of the need of requirements by job analysis activities and personnel planning.

To collect many of job candidates with less cost.According to Edwin B. Flippo, -Human resource management is the planning, organizing, directingand controlling of the procurement, development, resources to the end that individual and. Definition of recruitment and selection are given according to various authors.

Definition of recruitment Before the establishment of modern human resources management, the owner of the organization followed the rules of “hiring and firing,” but with the development of the modern human resource management, the workers become conscious about.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Hrm Definition By Edwin B Flippo. Definition of Recruitment ↓ According to Edwin Flippo, "Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the Organisation." Need for Recruitment ↓ The need for recruitment may be due to the following reasons / situations: 1.

Vacancies: due to promotions, transfers, retirement, termination, permanent disability, death and labour %(1). Written in the early era of Human Resource Management Flippo in his book on Personnel Management centralizes around management functions; "plan, organize, direct, control".

Personnel Management (Edwin B. Flippo; ) The Narrative of Equiano; A Review .

Hrm definition by edwin b flippo

- Edwin B. Flippo Scope of HRM Nature Introduction Prospects Procurement HRM Industrial Remuneration Relations Maintenance Motivation Difference Between HRM and PM - 1 Dimension PM HRM 1 Employment Careful dimension Aim to go contract of written contract beyond contract 2 Rules Importance of Impatience with devising clear rules rules 3.

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