English debates essay

Extract of the english literature essay about a discussion of cell phones.

English debates essay

In some places, policymakers are enacting or strengthening English-as-official-language laws, barring the translation of certain government documents into any other language.

The result is a patchwork of policies that vary greatly from state to state, or even within states. Oklahoma became the most recent state to do so inand many cities or counties have as well, such as Carroll County, Maryland in Just this year, five states — Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin — saw pushes to enact official-English laws, although none passed.

But even where official-English laws are on the books, enforcement varies.

English debates essay

In some cases, the measures are being ignored as the population of non-English speakers rises rapidly. Some local and state measures have roots going back more than a century, with many tied to previous waves of immigration or historical events.

That law, which reflected the anti-German prejudices of the World War I era, was eventually struck down by the U. Over the years, circumstances have changed, but many of the arguments have not.

Those backing the laws say they preserve cultural cohesion and offer immigrants economic mobility, because learning English is the best way for new immigrants to succeed.

English, a group that advocates English instruction for immigrants and backs making it the official language. Census Bureau reported last year. Inthat number was just In some cases, population trends have prompted government officials to make changes, regardless of what the law says. Forty-four percent of Californians reported speaking a language other than English at home.

In West Virginia, the figure was 2 percent. That could explain why California has found itself on the leading edge of a debate this year over legislation requiring the translation of patient instructions on prescription bottles.

Federal guidelines require pharmacies that receive federal funding to offer some translation services, and some private pharmacies have followed suit to attract more customers. California would be the second state — after New York — to enact a law requiring the translations on all prescription bottles.

Some worry about inaccurate translations or errors in communicating across languages, but those who support the idea see it as a matter of safety and necessity. The sponsor of the measure, Democratic state Rep.

He said offering multilingual ballots will be particularly important this fall, since voters will be asked a complicated referendum question on casino gambling.

Democratic-dominated Illinois, for example, adopted an official-English law in the s. In Arizona, an official-English group, ProEnglish, is supporting a community college student who was suspended when she complained that members of her class were speaking Spanish during group work. Pennsylvania is another state that considered the issue this year.

Daryl Metcalfe sponsored an official-English measure, although similar ones have failed repeatedly in the past. Melanie Harrington, president and CEO of the coalition Vibrant Pittsburgh, said the group has gone to great lengths to make the city more welcoming to immigrants.

To achieve that goal, it has collaborated with Latino Chamber of Commerce groups, Bhutanese community centers, and even visiting salsa festivals. I think what we have here in Pittsburgh is an opportunity. Liu and Anand Edward Sokhey, two political science professors who wrote a paper analyzing state language laws, said interest in such measures spikes when immigration increases or the immigration issue rises to the top of the national agenda, as it has recently.

More Spanish speakers, for example, might change the terms of the debate entirely.English debate essay Philo May 30, Takeshi suzuki and who affirm it within the english and imperialism essay on average, debate as a midsummer night s a synthesis essay speed dating.

Ebonics Debate Essay. Ebonics: Just Creating Another Problem It is clear there are many issues in our school system that must be addressed - Ebonics Debate Essay introduction. However the use of Ebonics, African American Vernacular English, in the English curriculum is not one of the solutions.

The English Debate English Synthesis Essay This is a synthesis essay on the English only debate. In the debate we have a number of authors who have an opinion if English should be the official language?

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English debate essay Hook: paper 1 through this is not knowing a personal reflection paper. 1 pupil s not mean all thrown want to write a polarization between two extremes.

English debates essay

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