College expectations

Becoming a graduate student involves dedication and adherence to policies required by Georgia Southern University, the College of Graduate Studies and the graduate program in which the student matriculates.

College expectations

Facility Hire College Expectations Education and schooling should be a partnership between parents, students and teachers. This works best if all parties understand and agree on certain behaviours and expectations, focusing on improving the learning outcomes of all students at the College.

It is expected that students will: Be polite, respectful and well-mannered to staff, students and community members at all times.

Abide by College rules and policies. Have all relevant equipment and books required for the curriculum. Be punctual to class. Attend school every day unless ill or for another valid reason. Wear correct uniform at all times. Complete all work to the best of their ability and submit it by the due date.

Seek assistance if they do not understand. Inform staff of any known absence from class in advance and catch up on work missed as soon as possible. Be proud of being a Norwood student.

Participate in whole school co-curricular activities.

College expectations

Have high expectations of themselves and their teachers. It is expected that parents will: Send their child to school punctually every day unless there is a valid reason for absence. Inform the College if their child is absent. Send their child in College uniform and support all aspects of the Uniform Policy.

Provide their child with equipment and books needed for learning. Support the College administration in decisions made relating to their child. Support all College functions including co-curricular and sporting events by ensuring student attendance. Respond to communications from staff, eg.

Letters of Concern, phone calls that invite discussion re student progress. Promote the College in a positive manner at home and in the community. It is expected that staff will: Attend all briefings, staff meetings and all other meetings relevant to their role.

Be punctual to school at the start of day and to classes. Provide a varied, stimulating, challenging curriculum. Communicate with parents in a timely and consistent fashion.

Treat students, parents and other staff with respect at all times. Support College protocols for teaching such as not changing due dates of set work. Be available within reason to give out-of-class time instruction to students. Develop a strong collegiate atmosphere of sharing and support.

Support College co-curricular programs.Meeting College-Level Expectations Your college experience will be different than what your high school experience was like no matter where you go.

Many consider college a clean slate, where they are able to explore interests they may not have had access to at their high school.

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With these pictures, they are showing how much fun college will be with all the friends you will make and how work will be fine because you will have friends to study with. Outside of my department of study, it is rare I see anyone else.

College expectations

College Expectations Maturity is essential. In addition to academic readiness, students must have the discipline and responsibility to handle independence and the fast pace of college classes.

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College Expectations quotes - 1. One of the great mind destroyers of college education is the belief that if it's very complex, it's very profound.

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Read more quotes and sayings about College Expectations. The Evergreen State College is a public liberal arts and sciences college in the Pacific Northwest, offering award-winning interdisciplinary, collaborative and team-taught academic programs.

Articulate and assume responsibility for your own work.

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