Battle of kings mountain

Waiting three days for reasons that are still unclear, Ferguson ordered a retreat to Lord Cornwallis and the British main forces in Charlotte, sending a message to Cornwallis requesting reinforcements. The request did not reach Cornwallis until one day after the battle. They hurried to catch him. It is shaped like a footprint with the highest point at the heel, a narrow instep, and a broad rounded toe.

Battle of kings mountain

That without King's Mountain, America might have had only ten colonies? That the battle was not Americans against the British, but Americans against Americans? It did not have the expected results: The two men agreed that the best solution was to "march with all the men we could raise, and attempt to surprise Ferguson, by attacking him in his camp, or at any rate before he was prepared Shelby also convinced Col.

Battle of Kings Mountain | Summary | They rode from beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains—the western edge of civilization in eighteenth-century North America—from the valleys of such fabled rivers as the Watauga, the Holston, and the Nolichucky; from backwater farms and fields unknown to most Americans; from far beyond the authority of King George III, whose subjects they were in name only. They valued home, family, and neighbor more than a newborn nation that existed scarcely more in fact than in their hearts.
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William Campbell, commander of the county militia in neighboring Washington County, Virginia, to join him and Sevier on 25 Sep at Watauga, the time and place they had appointed for their rendevous.

Also "overmountain" at the time were Cols. Charles McDowell and Andrew Hampton and their militiamen from Burke and Rutherford Counties, North Carolina, respectivelyand when the five county militias assembled on the 25th, they were over 1, strong.

The following day they began their march across the mountains, and on September 30th met up with Cols. Benjamin Cleveland and Joseph Winston and their militiamen from Wilkes and Surry Counties, North Carolina respectivelybringing their total to almost 1, On October 4th, they dispatched by Col.

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McDowell who left his brother, Joseph, in charge of his troops a Request to General Gates for a general officer to command them, but in the meantime elected Col.

Campbell temporary commander, and continued to march toward Gilbert Town. The council of officers met that night and determined to pursue him no matter to what ends.

Battle of kings mountain

Leaving behind their footsoldiers and weaker horses to catch up when they could, the men continued forward, and on the 6th of September, at Cowpens, South Carolina, were joined by Col. Colonel Williams, also in pursuit of Ferguson, was able to advise them of Ferguson's location: He was atop King's Mountain.

After an all-night forced march in pouring rains, at three o'clock the afternoon of the following day, on the 7th of October, the men circled the mountain and charged.

Created from Draper illustration, p. The rest is history The details of the battle, as well as events both preceding and following it, are recounted in a number of sources, some of which are published here, including several unique perspectives: Campbell, Cleveland and Shelby.Account of the Battle of King’s Mountain.

In September , Major-General Lord Cornwallis, after beating Major-General Gates and the American Revolutionary army at the Battle of Camden in South Carolina, advanced north with the intention of invading North Carolina and Virginia.

Shaped like a footprint, Kings Mountain's highest point was at the "heel" in the southwest and it broadened and flattened towards the toes in the northeast. Approaching, Campbell's colonels met to discuss strategy. Rather than simply defeat Ferguson, they sought to destroy his command.

The Battle of King's Mountain was a military engagement between Patriot and Loyalist militias in South Carolina during the Southern Campaign of the American Revolutionary War, resulting in a decisive victory for the Patriots.

Battle of Kings Mountain, (October 7, ), in the American Revolution, American victory over a loyalist detachment in South Carolina during the British campaign in the South. After the British victories at Charleston in May and Camden in August, Major General Charles Cornwallis felt confident to move his army against the Americans in North .

During the American Revolution, Patriot irregulars under Colonel William Campbell defeat Tories under Major Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of King’s Mountain in South Carolina. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details.

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