An argument in favor of the legalization of marijuana in the us

WhatsApp Nine states have legalized recreational marijuana in the US and twenty-nine states have legalized medical marijuana. Despite these legalization measures it still remains illegal on a federal level. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently rolled back an Obama-era policy of not interfering with cannabis businesses in states who have legalized the drug, despite campaign assurances by President Trump that he would allow states to continue operating as they have been.

An argument in favor of the legalization of marijuana in the us

An argument in favor of the legalization of marijuana in the us

Arkansas voters passed a constitutional amendment in November to legalize medical cannabis, and lawmakers moved quickly to implement the program, according to Robert deBin, president of the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association ACIA.

The industry trade association was founded in and focuses on advocacy, educating potential business applicants and patient outreach. Once certified, patients can obtain a medical marijuana card from the state, and they are allowed to purchase two and a half ounces of cannabis every two weeks from one of the 32 state-licensed dispensaries, which will be licensed in the coming months, deBin said.

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The commission is a group of five individuals, deBin said—two physicians, a pharmacist, an attorney and a member experienced in government relations. The applications themselves were limited to a page summary, but many were well over 1, pages, including the exhibits, deBin said.

You had 95 groups of people that applied for a license and had a lot of time and a lot of money invested in that. The state is in the process of finalizing the contract with the Public Consulting Group, and then the commission will hold an introductory meeting with the firm, deBin said.

Then, the company will have 30 days to score the dispensary applications, which means—barring any delays—the applications could be scored by the beginning of October.

An argument in favor of the legalization of marijuana in the us

This allows dispensaries to grow strains they may not be able to get from cultivators, although they will not be able to grow enough to meet patient demand. A dispensary must be 1, feet away from a school, church or daycare, he said, and many applicants have elected to build facilities because they were not able to find real estate that adheres to those requirements.

Medical cannabis will likely be available to patients in spring ofdeBin said. It will involve an app where patients can purchase their medicine through the app, and it also allows for cashless, electronic payments for dispensaries [and] cultivators.

Micronutrient Technologies' Minerals in Solution Technology platform will be used to create cannabis- and hemp-based beverages.When asked whether the argument presented at Thursday’s meeting appeared one-sided, as those in favor of recreational marijuana have cited potential benefits, including tax revenue, Sepic said he believes the cons outweigh any benefits.

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The main argument, in my opinion, for the legalization of cannabis would be two-fold: it is a crime against humanity to withhold a natural plant that can help save lives, and it is a tyrannical attack against our rights as free individuals to consume what we deem fit for ourselves.

From a blanket prohibition suppressing all use, to permitting certain amounts for personal use, the legalization of marijuana fights different fights in different countries. However arguments FOR and AGAINST the legalization of marijuana remain the same. The Roots of Marijuana Law in the US The Marijuana Tax Act was introduced in The United States of Weed: A special report we don't buy the argument that smoking marijuana is no different than taking a drink.

Those of a certain age remember when the argument in favor. Lawmakers have become more vocal about their support of legalization of marijuana, including talking about it on the campaign trail and in the halls of Congress.

It's a move that comes in the wake. Here is a detailed list of the international, national, state, and local health organizations that have come out in support of medical marijuana legalization. They include the British Medical.

Why Americans Support or Oppose Legalizing Marijuana