An analysis of george starks jesus the first anarchist

Just a few weeks ago I started the process of writing a manuscript entitled My Search for Jesus the Anarchist and the Commonweal of Love, which will integrate some of the writings I have posted on this blog. I also thought about the title Jesus the Agitator, because this title captures well his prophetic message and activist stance.

An analysis of george starks jesus the first anarchist

Does it differ from spirituality? Is anything unscientific religious? Citing that book, though, with all of the other things it endorses, to advance a libertarian philosophy strikes me as unjustifiable. Then again, before they went all pacifist the anabaptists were more anarchist, in my book, than many who have been granted that title.

Please log in or register to add a comment. As far as other religions, there are people who have done the same with other religions. In particular Buddhism lends itself nicely to some aspects of anarchist thought.

The danger comes when people actually believe that Buddha was more than just human that enlightenment was somehow holyor that Jesus was the son of god more than anyone else might be if we were to accept the existence of said god.

That is where the rub comes. If people are accepting the dictates of some god over their own desires, they are still enslaved. He was a man who said " Christian philosophy obviously extols submission of individual desire and will.

It teaches that humans are sinful and must rid themselves of the proclivities of the flesh. So, a Christian is submissive by definition.

Even if god is "in all of us," he still gets to sit behind the steering wheel. Meher Baba preached this and other spiritualists have too. But if one is a Christian, they must submit to that personal piece or representation of God--Christ incarnate.

To eschew submission to him and his teachings is to cease being a Christian. To put the onus back on you: But Jesus is God, there is only one God in Christianity, not two or three. When the divine became man, man became divine. This is not a fringe theology, but the heart of Christianity.

An analysis of george starks jesus the first anarchist

The myth of the Garden of Eden is also about the same thing. In it humans gained the divine knowlede right and wrong at the cost of our animal simplicity and happiness. Submit to righteousness, which is the will of God that is within you.

At some point, every Christian arrives at a crossroads. Every time he sins, he is consciously separating himself from the God within him.

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Jeremy R. Hammond is the owner, editor, and principle writer for Foreign Policy Journal, a website dedicated to providing news, critical analysis, and commentary on U.S. foreign policy. Do you think it's possible that jesus was a time traveller and his miracles or "magic" was just some "sufficiently advanced technology" from the future?

I don't deny that it's our nature to see things as a cost-benefit analysis but on what level is for each to determine. Contrary to anarchist principles people tend to be rather animalic.

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