1 tlaw 401 unit outline 2014

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1 tlaw 401 unit outline 2014

When used in this title, unless otherwise expressly stated, or unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires: Whenever in this law or in any other law, or in any rule or order made or promulgated pursuant to this law or to any other law, or in the printed forms prepared for the admission of consumers or for statistical reports, the words "insane", "insanity", "lunacy", "mentally sick", "mental disease" or "mental disorder" are used, such terms shall have equal significance to the words "mental illness"; The mental health or substance abuse history of the person may be used as part of the evidence to determine whether the person is a person requiring treatment.

The mental health or substance abuse history of the person shall not be the sole basis for this determination. Unless a person also meets the criteria established in subparagraph a of this paragraph, person requiring treatment shall not mean: A person who meets the criteria established in this section, but who is medically unstable, or the facility holding the person is unable to treat the additional medical conditions of that person should be discharged and transported in accordance with Section of this title; The term "private hospital" or "facility" shall not include nursing homes or other facilities maintained primarily for the care of elderly and disabled persons; Each plan shall clearly include the following: Telemedicine uses audio and video multimedia telecommunication equipment which permits two-way real-time communication between a health care practitioner and a patient who are not in the same physical location.

Telemedicine shall not include consultation provided by telephone or facsimile machine; and They include social support, linkage to and coordination among allied service providers, including but not limited to transportation to and from treatment or employment, employment services and job training, case management and individual services coordination, life skills education, relapse prevention, housing assistance, child care, and substance abuse education.

Added by Lawsp. Amended by Lawsp. June 27, ; Lawsc. June 19, ; Lawsc.

1 tlaw 401 unit outline 2014

March 3, ; Lawsc. June 29, ; Lawsc. June 3, ; Lawsc. June 17, ; Lawsc. Amended by Lawsc. April 9, ; Lawsc. June 10, ; Lawsc. March 29, ; Lawsc. These codes may not be the most recent version. Oklahoma may have more current or accurate information.

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1 tlaw 401 unit outline 2014

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